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The cold never bothered us anyway but being prepared never hurt either! We are nearing the coldest part of the year — the winter season. With chilling temperatures and snowfall upon us, Iowa Realty knows that it is important to get your home prepared for some season’s greetings. This is especially important if you have plans to put this home on the market come spring. Here are some of our tips to make sure that your house is prepared for the worst that mother nature can give. 

Check your gutters

Make sure that your gutters are in good shape for the freezing possibilities that lay ahead! Clean out any residue that may already lay within them to prevent future ice build-up. Installing gutter guards may also be helpful in reducing the amount of ice and other winter weather that could end up inside. 

Check your smoke detectors 

It is always important to check your smoke detectors during the year, but it is really important to check-in on your monitors in the winter! Make sure that they have fresh batteries in them and check them each month to make sure they are working appropriately, and you aren’t inviting toxic gases into your home.

Insulate your pipes 

You don’t want to have frozen pipes! This could lead to no access to water or possible bursts that could affect you and your loved ones on a large scale. This will lead to plumbing damage and water damage throughout the home. In order to stay safe during the winter season, try keeping a steady stream in a few of your faucets around the home to prevent freezing. 

 Stock up on salt 

Nothing stresses homeowners out than having to leave early for work to prepare for icy winter streets on their commute. You’ll want to prevent tons of slipping and sliding on your property throughout the holiday season. To prevent that, you are going to want to make sure that you stock up on salt that will help reduce the amount of ice and/or snow on your sideways and your driveway. 

Clean your yard

Make sure that you are preparing your yard for winter too! You should that you rake or mow over leaves to decrease the amount of moisture that could kill the grass below it! You’ll also want to trim your trees because snow and ice can damage them throughout the winter! 

Store Summer Tools 

It’s time to safely store everything that you needed in the warmer months, from hoses to lawnmowers. Double-check that all of these are stored in a warm place (basement, garage, etc.). Also, you’ll want to assure that it is drained before storing them to prevent them from freezing damage! 

Check your heating

Check that all your heating and plumbing is up-to-date and working correctly before that first blizzard. We have an incredible preferred partner, Kohles & Bach, who currently has a $79.00 – Safety Check Program special going on for Iowa Realty customers! Check out all of our preferred partner deals on our website[1]

Think about extra measures 

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Have you been worried about blizzard-like conditions? Do you like to prepare for the worst and hope for the best? Right now, may be the best time to pick up extra protective/helpful winter tools. Things to think about may include car snow blankets, snow blowers, a back-up generator or maybe even an emergency release for your plumbing.

Make sure that all cracks are sealed

Are you feeling a breeze on your forehead as you lay below your closed bedroom window? Can your toes feel the windchill as you stand by the door for the pizza delivery guy? You’ll want to make sure that you take care of these jarring issues before the windchill decreases even more so! That way, you keep the cold outside and your family warm inside. Set up an appointment to have installation put in. If you’re pressed for time, an easy fix could be to put plastic wrap on your windows 

 Install a storm door 

Storm doors are a safety effort that are built-in to main exterior doors. This door by increasing better air circulation and saving your front door from damage that may be caused from snow, rain and other weather possibilities. 

Focus on furnace, not fireplace 

Fireplaces are a staple of the winter and holiday season; however, they should not be an entire replacement for your home’s heating. Make sure that you are using your furnace more often than your fireplace.

MidAmerican Energy[2] also suggests that you set your fan to “auto” instead of being continuously on. This small change may save homeowners anywhere from $75 to over $400 per year. 

Keep track of your home’s temperature

Make sure that you maintain a consistent temperature during the winter months to benefit your family and your overall energy bill.

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